About Our Work


Ancaster Information Centre and Community Services Inc., now commonly known as Ancaster Community Services (ACS), is a grassroots, volunteer supported, registered charity. ACS has a variety of services and programs and has been serving the residents of the community of Ancaster since September 1969.

Community Information Centres have been in existence for many years. Their development was a response to the fact that citizens need not only information, but also need help in gaining access to the various services and programs provided by all levels of government, organizations, agencies and groups. Community Information Centres provide Information & Referral  (I & R) to the public.  They also provide community linkages and various direct services to programs appropriate to the community they are located in. Community Information Centres are not-for-profit organizations governed by a Board of Directors.

On October 17, 1988, Ancaster Information Centre made a presentation to the (previously named) Town of Ancaster asking for their sanction to create Ancaster Information and Community Services and assume the role of providing access to community services for the Town of Ancaster.   Town Council unanimously gave their approval, and subsequently on April 21, 1989 the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations granted a Supplementary Letters Patent. This changed the name of Ancaster Information Centre Inc. to Ancaster Information Centre and Community Services Inc., an independent agency serving the Town of Ancaster.

Since Ancaster’s amalgamation with the City of Hamilton in 2001, ACS has been housed in the Ancaster Municipal Building (below the Ancaster Library).  This partnership continues the concept of supporting the Ancaster residents, providing a one-stop access point for paying anything from property taxes to a dog license, visiting the library and accessing the services provided through ACS.

ACS continues to expand and stay in touch with the ever-changing needs of a growing community.

Please refer to our Community Services & Programs for more information.


Our Mission

ACS serves the diverse community of Ancaster by providing programs, volunteer opportunities, information and resources which enhance the quality of life for all.

Our Vision

ACS aspires to create an energized, caring community for all.

Our Values

Accessible, dependable, quality services powered by volunteers who treat our clients with dignity and respect.