Assisted Volunteer Driving

This program is designed to support clients who are in the process of arranging more permanent transportation such as D.A.R.T.S or have limited or no other means of transportation. This program relies on volunteers to drive seniors to medical (or medical related) appointments and bring them home. There is a nominal fee associated with this service in order to help offset the cost of gas and insurance on the volunteer’s car. Potential clients must register with the program coordinator, Alex Beach at 905-648-6675.

A minimum of one week of notice is required to fill a request.  The more time provided the better the chances are of filling a request.

The client must be independently mobile (not in a wheelchair) however, a collapsible walker or cane is acceptable.  Clients must also be cognitively sound and capable (i.e. do not have a cognitive diagnosis such as dementia, alzheimers, short-term memory loss, or who are developmentally delayed).  The rides are primarily for Ancaster residents and the surrounding rural area (e.g. Jerseyville, Alberton, Lynden).  Please call if you have any questions about registration or qualification.

Clients are invoiced monthly via mail or email.

If you would like to be a Volunteer Driver for this program, please fill out the volunteer application form and email it to Paula Jones or contact us at 905-648-6675.