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November 2022 – Ancaster Community Services announces that it has been accredited under Imagine Canada’s Standards Program. With this achievement, we join a distinguished ever-growing community of nonprofit organizations dedicated to operational excellence.

The Standards Program is a Canada-wide set of shared standards for charities and nonprofits designed to help organizations strengthen their operations in five fundamental areas: board governance; financial accountability and transparency; fundraising; staff management; and volunteer involvement.

“As an important strategic initiative, the ACS Board of Directors fully supported attaining the Imagine Canada accreditation; acknowledging formally the standards we have in place. The achievement confirms the high degree of governance and operational excellence by the agency in supporting all of its programs, clients, volunteers, donors and funders,” says ACS Accreditation Sub-Committee.

“Earning the Standards Trustmark demonstrates an organization’s dedication to maintaining the greatest standards of integrity, efficiency, and transparency in its procedures,” said Bruce MacDonald, President and CEO of Imagine Canada. “We congratulate these outstanding recipients on their commitment to organizational excellence and efforts to develop a better nonprofit sector. We are delighted to welcome them to the Standards Program community.”

About the Standards Program
The goals of Imagine Canada’s Standards Program are to increase organizational excellence and transparency of charities and nonprofits, to build resilience and to strengthen public confidence in individual organizations and the sector as a whole. To earn the accreditation, organizations must meet 73 standards in financial management and accountability, fundraising practise, board governance, staff management, and volunteer management.

Peer-review Process and Compliance
Our policies and procedures in the five areas of compliance were evaluated by a group of volunteers from the sector, and were found to be compliant with the Standards Program. Accredited organizations are required to complete full re-accreditation on a five-year basis. Compliance during the accreditation period is monitored regularly and requires organizations to submit evidence demonstrating selected standards are being met.

“We feel fortunate to celebrate this success with our community,” says ACS Accreditation Sub-Committee.

Ancaster Community Services (ACS) is proud to be a non-profit, volunteer supported, registered charity. The agency offers programs and services for seniors, youth, and individuals in our community who need some extra support. Our focus is on continuing to expand our impact and stay in touch with the ever-changing needs of our diverse and growing community to enhance the quality of life for all.

For further information:
Kaylee Norwood, Executive Director
Ancaster Community Services
300 Wilson St. E.
Ancaster, ON L9G 2B9

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