Frozen Meals


NEW at Ancaster Community Services!

A freshly prepared home-style frozen meal service

  • Prepared from fresh foods and frozen the week prior to delivery or pick-up (Conditions apply for delivery; please inquire)
  • Meals are delivered to your door or can be picked up at our office
  • 35 different entrées and desserts over a 5 week rotation plus 7 different soups are offered each week
  • A soft texture (pureed) menu available
  • Large and flavourful meal portions, low in salt and includes real meat
  • Wide variety of desserts including Sugar Free Desserts
  • Meals are labelled on the end of the container with the meal type i.e. Roast Beef, etc.
  • Meals can be kept frozen up to 6 months
  • Meal preparation date is listed on bottom of each meal
  • Cooking times and instructions are provided on the cellophane cover of every entrée
  • Meals come in containers that can be heated in the microwave or oven, from frozen or defrosted
  • Meal containers are recyclable

$5.50 – meal only
$6.25 – meal and dessert OR meal and soup
$1.75 – dessert or soup only

*Prices are subject to change without prior written notice*


For more information, to register or to place an order

Contact: Paula Jones or call 905-648-6675

Meals are ordered every Thursday before 2PM and delivered the following Wednesday for those eligible for delivery or picked up at the ACS office Wednesday after 12PM.

5 week rotating menu for more variety, please refer to the schedule provided.

Order Your Meals Online

You must be registered to order online. Call us to register — 905-648-6675